About us

We are from Poland. We come from Gdańsk. It is here that 30 years ago we created a simple, girlish floral dress, which gave rise to the fashion brand Taranko. And although  we change and respond to the latest trends, our core values remain unchanged. We approach quality without compromise, and woman are an inspiration to us.

We create for contemporary ladies – energetic and strong. We believe that the Taranko style is ageless, but comes from the taste for beautiful finishes  and timeless styles. The woman of our imagination plays with fashion trends and always shines in the crowd. With our dresses  we create a story about our customers , their personality, strength of charakter  and uniqueness.

In Taranko we give women a voice. Taranko Collections are created for women by women – and that is why our fashion not only meets women’s expectacions, but their dreams, too. For us feminity equals dress. We constantly interpret and create it anew, so that our customers would enjoy fashion, which we consider an emanation of their personality.